Private midwifery care is fully evaluated by each woman who births through this service.  It is also fully evaluated statistically, so that we can be sure that the care that is provided and received is safe, effective and meeting the goals of private midwifery care.


When asked how confident women felt as they approached birth, the average score was 4.4 out of 5, where 1 is not confident at all and 5 is very confident.


When asked if women felt that they were given choices about their care and respected in any decisions they made, the average score was 4.8 out of 5, where 1 is "not at all" and 5 is "very much so".

Overall Satisfaction

When asked, "Were you happy with this model of care?", the average score was 4.8 out of 5, where 1 = not happy and 5 = very happy.

Numbers aside, other comments and feedback included:

  • We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to answer questions.
  • The postnatal visits were invaluable.  Just knowing you were coming made us comfortable to relax and get to know our new baby without checking Google every five minutes to see if everything was normal.
  • I appreciated the very detailed explanations of issues, problems and options.
  • I don’t think anyone else I know got involved with so much preparation for the birth of their child.  The level of preparation assists with self confidence in the birthing process and has meant that I had a very positive experience.
  • Everything was approached with encouragement.
  • I was surprised with my confidence in the end. 
  • The midwifery approach just helps to normalize so much of the pregnancy, which is so refreshing and empowering.  It builds your awareness, empowerment and confidence, so that by the time you reach your birth, you feel you really can do this.
  • You were there to remind me of what I wanted when that part of my brain switched off.  You really helped me to handle the birth
  • It was extremely helpful to hear a calm and familiar voice guiding me through labour.
  • I felt reassured knowing I had support after the birth.  This helped allay any fears about baby; I would have been lost without this care.
  • Thorough preparation and professional approach.
  • Being able to design the process ourselves, rather than being fitted into a system.
  • Plenty of time and information when making decisions.
  • Personalised and very thorough education.
  • We felt very well prepared after a difficult first birth.
  • I felt informed, empowered and supported to make our own choices.
  • As first-time parents, we felt we got everything we wanted and more.
  • For us, trusting our private midwife meant we were able to relax and concentrate on birthing our baby.
  • The care is very well organized and Melissa always listened to our concerns or questions.
  • Melissa explained things well as they were happening and gave us options.
  • The staged preparation was particularly useful in developing confidence bout birthing at home.
  • Melissa is very generous with her time and ample opportunities to talk are provided
  • I felt entirely supported through every step of the pregnancy and labour, and this made it a rewarding and wonderful experience for our family.
  • Knowing I can call Melissa at any time with concerns gave me confidence.
  • Melissa’s professionalism and competence throughout the pregnancy strongly guided us towards a home birth as our preferred option.
  • The prenatal care and education we received is that I valued the most as it enabled me to feel confident and prepared for labour and birth.
  • Developing a relationship with the person responsible for bringing our baby into the world the sense of empowerment that leads to us being active participants in the birthing process.
  • Long appointments that ensured that my questions and concerns were comprehensively addressed
  • Being encouraged to pursue the birth we envisioned.
  • The postnatal care enabled us to feel that we were in control, despite the unknowns of new parenthood.
  • Lots of time was spent explaining and assisting to reach my goals.
  • (from a Dad): Melissa was fantastic through the whole pregnancy – I never felt left out of the process.  I was kept informed of what was happening and no question was too silly to ask.  Melissa did everything to help me help my wife through labour and provided us with the right information to make informed choices.