Eastern Suburbs Breastfeeding Support Service

I understand how exciting and overwhelming becoming a parent can be, and I want my care to meet your individual needs.  In the first 6-7 weeks with your new baby, I am on hand to offer support, guidance and advice for your early parenting and breastfeeding needs. 

The health of you and your baby is central to postnatal care, which is why care may include examinations of your baby, healthy lifesytle and contraception advice, breastfeeding, baby care and postnatal assessments.

In particular, the breastfeeding support service boasts a 96% breastfeeding success rate.

Book an appointment here.  I'd love to help you on your path to breastfeeding success.

Appointments are provided in your home (Eastern Suburbs of Sydney), 7 days a week.  A typical appointment lasts 60-90 minutes and costs $200 per appointment, with $66.75 - $88.45 claimable through Medicare.  Book an appointment here.