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Birthing with your own Private Midwife

When you're pregnant, you want a midwife you know and trust, to feel prepared and supported as you welcome your newest family member.  Having your own midwife means complete continuity at this special time of your life.  We offer several options for care to suit any budget, so that you can have your own midwife by your side.

Research from around the world has found that midwifery care is gold standard care for women, giving babies the best start to life.  Private midwifery care maximises your chance of a natural birth with a midwife you know and trust.

Homebirth, waterbirth, VBAC, vaginal twin and vaginal breech births are supported.  Women with higher-risk pregnancies can anticipate a safe pregnancy and birth, exceptionally low rates of intervention and an emotionally satisfying experience.  Our birth outcomes show that women birthing through this service can expect a short, efficient, comfortable labour, extremely low rates of caesarean section, and high rates of drug-free birth without stitches.