Care for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

When you're pregnant, you want up-to-date, quality resources to feel prepared and empowered as you welcome your newest family member. You also want support and guidance as you plan and prepare for your newest family member's arrival.  Head over to my new website for Australia's best pregnancy, birth and postnatal resources designed to support you in your pregnancy and birth choices.

Packages offer:

  • Information and resources for all women, whether it’s your first baby, you’re having a VBAC, a homebirth, it’s your third bub – whatever your situation, there’s a package of information that’s right for you
  • Phone support until bub is 6 weeks old
  • One-on-one birth preparation, individulaised to your needs

Care providers and antenatal classes go a long way to ensuring that women and their babies are well cared for, and we are so lucky to live in this wonderful Country, Australia, where we can enjoy great health outcomes from pregnancy and birth.  However, sometimes you just want …. That little bit more.  Here’s where our packages come in.

Private midwifery care offers significant benefits to women through pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks with their new baby.  Essential Birth Consulting Private Midwifery Practice was unique in offering women nurturing support, care and advice throughout their pregnancy, birth and newborn period, whilst also empowering them with evidence-informed care.  I saw first-hand how this care helped women take control of their births, negotiate the system and ultimately have a great birth

Breastfeeding Service

I offer an in-home postnatal / breastfeeding service for Mums in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.  Read more here.  Very high rates of breastfeeding success are found: around 96% breastfeeding success.